Baby Photography

Baby photography is important to every family because that newborn age is gone so very fast. From the day you bring them home, you will have only a couple of weeks to capture the essence of your newborn infant.

Tessa Claire Photography takes your baby pictures to the next level, delivering texture, emotion and mood in each and every photograph. Our pictures will capture the essence of your baby, creating a delicate sensory experience that helps you remember the facial expressions, the attitude and the fleeting milestones that go by so quickly.

During the first year of your child’s life, he or she will undergo an incredible transformation, and we want to make sure you remember it all. That’s why we’ve created simple photography packages that will allow you to have your baby’s photograph taken and each of these stages of change.

These moments during your child’s first year are absolutely priceless, and we’ll make sure they will be yours to remember always.